Taylor Swift Fan Art Bracelet Brick Stitch Bead Pattern Color Chart


My tag for Miyuki Kazuya currently is #he’s so bad but he does it so well, a lyric from Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams, and honestly the lyric is very suitable. if you stalk my blog my tags for Kazuya are so very flattering, ranging from megane bastard to Miyuki Kazuya you dork, or anything along those lines. yes, I still love him just as much as the fandom does, and I am on the Miyuki Kazuya defense squad.

An easy answer to the question “why I love Miyuki Kazuya” would have been he’s portrayed and drawn as such a beauty. like his face is goals. he’s such a respectable character in terms of his baseball skills and how physical character development. not to mention, his seiyuu, sakurai takahiro, he’s my seiyuu goal right here. he’s so gorgeous, and yet it’s not the ships, not the fandom/Tumblr, and it’s not just how Terajima-sensei has drawn and written him in the story that has made me love him, it’s how he’s so relatable to real life.

If I was to summarize why I love Kazuya in a few it would be this: he’s broken, he’s destroyed and complex, but he chooses not to look at something in a negative light. he saw baseball as his priority, the hope he had in his life over the circumstances he had been through, the bleak grey abyss. he’s so much stronger than you think, and honestly, if someone like him can live and be happy, what is there to say you can’t? smile because you can – you don’t need to be a tanuki bastard like him, laugh because you can, and find that hope in your life. if you were hurt, like me, or just like him, you don’t need to always let down your guard so easily, but you can slowly let some people in, bit by bit.

See why the tag fits? he’s bad – alright with his past and present, still an asshole, but he does it so well – putting aside it and playing baseball because he loves it. and I love him.

Thank you Miyuki Kazuya. thank you terajima-sensei for creating miyuki kazuya. I’ll never feel as alone again as I was. this is why I love Miyuki Kazuya. not for his pretty looks or his amazing catching skills. of course, I love him for his chemistry with the team, but I love him for one thing and one thing only.

Never would you think anyone would say this, but I love him for his personality.

A Note on Bead Sizes and Brands

The size and brand of bead you use may affect the final look of the pattern. Miyuki Delicas and Toho beads look the best and have a classy feel. While on the pricey side, they are well worth the cost because of how easy they are to bead and the beauty of the finished beadwork. For the larger patterns, to make earrings, I suggest using size 11 or 15 Delicas. I prefer the 11/0 Delica Beads (DB) for my beadwork. Along with a low price tag, they brick stitch well and have a fun and whimsical look. They are also great for beaders who don’t see well or young beaders who might have trouble with tiny beads. Their size also makes for great brick stitch beaded ornaments and key chain dangles. (My favorite to bead.)

Brick Stitch Beading Tips

(1) For your base row, start with the row that has the most beads. Typically, this is a central row in the pattern. Then, brick stitch up the pattern. Once the top portion is complete, move your thread down to the base row and brick stitch the bottom portion of the pattern. This pattern can be beaded with brick stitch, peyote, and gourd stitch beading techniques. Print out the pattern and decide which row will be your base row. Then, number each row of the pattern so it is easier to follow and track your progress. This allows you to personalize how you brick stitch your pattern a little more.

(2) -Wax your thread with either beeswax or household paraffin to reduce knotting and allow your needle and thread to pass through beads more easily. Simply draw your working thread across the wax block to wax it. Be careful not to apply too much wax or it will chalk up on your beads and create a mess. Using beeswax will reduce the possibility of chalking, but household paraffin is cheaper and better for the bees.

(3) If you have trouble passing your needle and thread through a bead, grip it with a pair of needle nose pliers that have had the nose wrapped in duct tape or electrical tape. You will have better grip on your needle with them and the tape will reduce any damage to your needle and beadwork.

(4) Coat your knots with a clear nail polish to ensure they do not unravel.

(5) The type of light you use when beading will affect how you see the bead colors. Bright florescent or LED lights work the best for seeing the true colors of the beads. However the florescent lights may be hard on the eyes. Fully light your work space so your eyes do not strain when trying to see the holes of tiny beads.

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