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By a passion for the Arts and Crafts, as still in art college, we start the Beading Journey. The fabulous thing about taking beading journey of collecting skills is the confidence it provides us. Not every stitch or process is easy and some are just tricky to learn for some people. But we push through the difficult ones and, in the end, add it to our list of accomplishments.
We also learn which stitches or techniques are more fun for us. Some beaders like the rhythm and pace of one stitch, other beaders are more enamored of a different stitch or process.
We learn what appeals most to us as an individual beader by taking this “skills collecting” journey.

And through it all, we CREATE! and we smile…….

This core belief guides the way we run our company, how we work with our partners, how we create out products, and how we engage with our consumers.

We believe that it’s the best way to make contended and happy as giving joy to others always brings you happiness.

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Boho Tila Bracelet Projects

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Fuel for Miyuki Delicas

We believe that it’s the best way to keep you pleasure and health through crafts and community.

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TOHO Glass Beads

1. Larger hole

2. Consistent size, shape and quality


This is where we come from, everything we do is rooted in weabve beading.
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  • 2011 Start Our Journey
  • 2013 Sail to Blue Ocean
  • 2014 First Flagship Store Online
  • 2016 Creative Design
  • 2018 Worldwide Business Development
  • 2020 Official Website

Our Mission

LOOM Miyuki

Our mission is to bring you a well-organized and easy-to-use site filled with information, inspiration, and high-quality, fairly priced products; in other words, the best bead shopping website store ever!

We want to share our love for beading and help you discover the joy Of creating handmade jewelry. We invite you to put a colorful sparkle in your life with beads!

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We offer global shipping program, ability to track your order eveywhere, & never charge a surcharge or handling fee.

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We stand by our products and strive to bring you the best quality and selection. Our quality known all over the world.

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Our discounts are always on point. For get up to date information join our newsletter. Hassle-Free Warranty. Lifetime Customer Support

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Easy Secure Payments through Paypal – Buy with CONFIDENCE.

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