Ethical Policy

Our Fair Trade and Ethical Policy

Both in our workshops and during our normal working day we use only fair trade teas, coffee & hot chocolate. Workshop customers also get to enjoy fair trade biscuits.

All of us here at Minebeads feel pretty strongly about looking after our planet for the prosperity of future generations. We use recycled paper for our printing including the invoices we send with our mail orders. We always use the second side of any A4 paper we have here. This includes suppliers’ delivery notes, mail circulars, and any mistakes that we make.

If you are a website order customer then you may have already received an order in a recycled box. These boxes will have previously held stock or re-used packaging that was previously sent to us. Everything that can be re-used is and if not recycled. Even the empty milk containers are sometimes cut up and used as scoops in the stockroom!

It is our mission to avoid plastic waste as much as possible. To achieve this we re-use all packaging that is sent to us and also work with suppliers to reduce plastic packaging. Our shop customers are encouraged to return plastic bead tubes and kit packaging for us to re-use. We continue to work on sourcing card and paper packaging as a replacement for our plastic packaging.

Working with suppliers along the supply chain we do everything possible to ensure that all employees work in good conditions & receive a fair wage. We specialize in sourcing high-quality products from manufacturers that care about their employees and the environment.

Happy beading,

Blessings and hugs

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