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Missing Our Beloved Client: The Story of Charming Crafters

Charming Crafters was our valued client for over 14 years before its closure. We fondly remember this beloved bead shop and all the joy it brought to crafters.

Founded in 2010 by Paul and Denise Donnelly, Charming Crafters began on eBay and grew into the largest supplier of gemstone beads in the UK. Charming Crafters offered high quality beads, findings, and supplies at affordable prices for everyone from beginners to pros. 

After moving to Monmouth, South Wales, Charming Crafters built a loyal customer base who felt like family. Michelle, a customer for 10+ years said, “Charming Crafters was always my first stop for supplies. Their selection, prices, and customer service couldn’t be beat.” 

Charming Crafters’ staff lived the company’s values. Katie, a former customer service representative, recalls “matching beakers, listening to Katie Perry, and getting excited when Ed Sheeran’s mum would order.”Through ups and downs, Charming Crafters endured by prioritizing personal connections.

Though the physical store is now closed,  Charming Crafters lives on in memories of glittering gemstones, strings of beads, and a shop joyfully chaotic. Charming Crafters was the beating heart of UK crafting for over 14 years, and its impact lives on in all the creations of its devoted customers.

We are honored to have worked with such an inspiring company. Like their beloved customers and staff, we miss Charming Crafters and the passion, care, and community they fostered. Though a light has gone out, the sparkle of Charming Crafters continues to shine through in all the lives they touched over the years. Our crafting community was made richer by their presence, and poorer at their loss. To Charming Crafters: you made the world a more colorful place.

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