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bhd137 1 今月のBeads decor

今月のBeads decor


Pearl Necklace for Men

Pearl Necklace for Men

When it comes to pearls, people always associate them with women. But with fashion moving forward to genderless and fluid styles and designers, the boundaries of what men can wear have increasingly blurred. Pearls for men are having a renaissance, and in a few years, pearl necklaces are about to be as commonplace as chains …

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How Miyuki beads are made?

Miyuki Seed Beads and Delica are made by mixing the raw materials SiO2, NaCO3, and CaCO3 with any base-coloring ingredients and placing them in a 1400C furnace to make the melted glass. Miyuki Delica are the highest quality seed beads in production today.Swarovski comes in a myriad of shapes, colors, and coatings and is consistent …

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Czech Glass Guide to Czech Glass Beads

Guide to Czech Glass Beads

Czech glass beads are well known in the world, with their exemplary craftsmanship, vivid color and bead-to-bead consistency. They are available in a breathtaking variety of vivid colors, and are categorized by their many different shapes and types of Czech Beads. From fire-polished faceted shapes to smooth round druks and more, standard hole to large …

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