dali 800 x 600 Loukia Richards & Christoph Ziegler and INTERESTING Stories

Loukia Richards & Christoph Ziegler and INTERESTING Stories

Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler

International mid-career jewelers, artists, designers, performers, writers, storytellers, art historians, art theorists, and critics working in jewelry, textiles, embroidery, mythology, performance, soft sculpture, fashion, design, storytelling, fiction, and nonfiction may apply to participate in “Helen’s Dress,” a free residency, workshop, and exhibition in Greece. “Helen’s Dress,” led by Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler, will focus on versions and updated interpretations of the Greek myth of Helen, queen of Sparta, and offers eight participants the opportunity to broaden their practice; enrich their knowledge on the compatibility of Greek mythology to give answers to contemporary dilemmas; discover Greece’s embroidery motifs (taught by Metaxia Hantelis); deal with the concepts of faith, love, betrayal; and improvise on their own version of Helen. Participants will experiment with traditional Greek textile techniques; develop new work; test the power of traditional textile practice to support women’s social roles; design with threads, words, and movement the perfect outfit for a modern female role model; and more.


Dutch museums with jewelry collections have banded with Modemuze on the online jewelry platform Sieradenmuze. The website features pieces ranging from modern design to historic timepieces. Blog posts by various authors from the field provide research, stories, and context.

15 Best Craft Books of 2019

The British Crafts Council published its list of the 15 best craft books of 2019, covering everything from how-to titles to photo books . Among those on the list: Crafting DissentThe Story of Toolsand A Celebration of British Craftsmanship.

Reflects on Decade in Art issue

As the decade comes to a close, Artsy reflects on where art is headed in the 2020s. During the 2010s, art entered the broader cultural consciousness and conversation like never before. Over the course of this decade, technology advanced at a rapid pace, bringing art and the art world along with it. Artists found new ways to engage with and access wider audiences and took strong stances on global issues. Galleries and institutions increased their support of underrepresented and marginalized artists. New tools for creating and sharing art sparked movements and shone a light on overlooked aspects of art history. With its Decade in Art issue, Artsy’s editors reviewed the last 10 years to look at the most pivotal moments, artists, movements, and sales—and what the developments of the 2010s tell us about what to expect in the 2020s.

Loukia Richards & Christoph Ziegler and INTERESTING Stories

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