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Guide to 3D Seed Beads Beading

To make a dimensional beading project, seed beads, beading needle, beading thread and beading technology are essential parts for all beaders. For a brand new one to beading, I suggest using MIYUKI size 11 Delicas, Big Eye Beading Needle and MIYUKI Nymo Beading Thread as basic materials, as they are easy to use. As for the technology, peyote stitch, square stitch, ladder stitch and brick stitch are necessary.

Peyote stitch is one of the most popular beading techniques. With peyote stitch, the thread runs horizontally through the beads, and each bead is vertically offset by the space of one-half bead. It can be used with cylinder beads to create smooth, even beaded bands. It works up nicely for bracelets, seed bead rings, beaded beads, and more. There are many variations of peyote stitch, such as even-count peyote stitch, odd-count peyote stitch, tubular peyote stitch, etc. This stitch tutorial has been introduced in my previous post.

peyote object

Brick stitch is a very common and fundamental beadwork technique. Just like with peyote stitch, the beads in brick stitch are offset by the space of one-half bead each. Unlike peyote stitch, however, the thread runs vertically through the beads, instead of horizontally. It is a very strong and versatile stitch, easy to create triangle and diamond shapes by just decreasing or increasing the bead per row. It’s wonderful for making bracelets, pendants or little brick stitch animals, focal points in jewelry designs, and more. Many leaders begin brick stitch beadwork with a base row of ladder stitch. Flat brick stitch, circular brick stitch and tubular brick stitch are its common variations.

Brick stitch - fish

Ladder stitch is a basic beading stitch that you can use to create long bands of beadwork, or alter the width of a band by stitching multiple beads (instead of one bead) per stitch. It is commonly used to create the first row of beads in other stitches, like brick stitch. Also, it can be used to make great ladder stitch bracelets and links all on its own.

Ladder stitch - bracelet

Square stitch is a beautiful basic stitch in which beads stack up next to each other in straight, grid-like rows. The beads are aligned horizontally and vertically with no offsets. It is a more accessible alternative to loom weaving, as it has the same look but does not require the expensive equipment.

Square stitch - bracelet

How to start a Brick Stitch weave?

Start by putting on the first two beads. Then, iron the thread into the first bead to create a loop, thread the third bead and iron the thread into the previous bead. Repeat this for each bead on the first line.

Brick - step

How to start a Square Stitch weave?

String your first row of beads plus the first bead of your second row.  Put your needle through the last bead of your first row and pull through until the first bead of your second row is on top of the last bead. String the next bead on and repeat.

square stitch- step 1
square stitch step 2

How to start a Ladder Stitch weave?

String two beads to make a bead ladder. Pass the thread back through the two beads pulling the thread tightly. String another bead and pass the thread down through the bead just before the new one. Continue this process until you reach your desired length.

Ladder Stitch - step 1
Ladder Stitch - step 2

Dimensional beading projects often use above mentioned four bead weaving technologies and their variations together to making beautiful designs, such as snow man, animal, ball, earrings, charms, and other 3D bead patterns. 3D beading may be a challenge, but you will find happy when learning.


3 thoughts on “Guide to 3D Seed Beads Beading”

  1. Hello

    which is the recommended metallic seed bead that keeps its gold color if exposed to sweat of a heat weather or the beach enviroment?

  2. Hello

    which is the recommended metallic seed bead that keeps its gold color if exposed to sweat of a heat weather or the beach enviroment?

    1. Iris or bronzed luster coating on the surface of black beads glazed. Relatively durable to color off due to drying and curing of the coating film. I also recommend Transparent beads as the color is developed from raw materials of glass, so that it never be worn off, and Opaque beads as the color is developed from raw materials of glass. How did you like this? Your feedback in the comment helps us provide resources that matter to you most.

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