Toho Seed Beads

Toho beads tend to be a tiny bit larger than Miyuki and Matsuno a tiny bit taller in shape.

1. Larger hole. Toho beads are designed to have a larger hole that allows for even more pass through for threads. The larger hole also creates lighter beads which give you more beads by weight. The below drawings show the hole of round, cube, triangle or square hole beads. The cut holes inside colored or silver-lined beads give an exquisite shine.

2. Consistent size, shape and quality. The beads we develop are used worldwide as luxurious products because of their extremely consistent quality.

3. Toho size: 6/0, 4mm; 8/0, 3mm; 11/0, 2mm; 15/0, 1.5mm.

Toho Color Charts Download
Seed Beads Color Charts Download

Tips: We accept custom package weights, please contact us / RFQ now.

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