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Difference between MIYUKI Delica Beads and TOHO Aiko Beads

Toho and Miyuki seed beads are both precision manufactured Japanese seed beads, both renowned for their consistency in color and size. These high-quality seed beads are ideal for bead weaving, bead loom work and bead stringing giving perfect and beautiful results every time.

There are so many beautiful seed beads available and each type can be used to create an amazing piece of jewelry. The challenge is in knowing which seed beads to use for particular types of projects, especially cylindrical seed beads, MIYUKI Delica Beads and TOHO Aiko Beads, both are well-known Japanese seed beads with high quality and consistency.

What are MIYUKI Delica Beads & TOHO Aiko Beads?

Miyuki Delica Beads are extremely uniform glass cylindrical beads that come in four sizes and a multitude of colors and finishes. They are often used in off-loom bead weaving techniques as well as tapestry loom work.

TOHO Aiko Beads are also cylindrical seed beads designed for bead weaving and bead embroidery. Aiko Beads are made in Japan with state-of-the-art precision machinery. They are completely consistent in size and shape making them a pleasure to work with in bead weaving.

Toho Aiko Vs MIYUKI Delica

How about the size of MIYUKI Delica Beads & TOHO Aiko Beads?

Delica – the standard – and most common – size is 11/0. Another three sizes are 10/0, 8/0, 15/0. Size 15 is small and size 8 is large.

Aiko beads are labeled as a size 11/0, and they are fractionally larger than Miyuki 11/0 Delica cylindrical beads and are closer to 10.5/0. For that reason, it will not work symetrically with Delicas. Aiko beads are heavier than MIYUKI Delica Beads 11/0.

Size Hole
MIYUKI Delica Beads 11/01.3 (long )*1.6 (diameter) mm0.8mm
MIYUKI Delica Beads 10/01.7 (long ) *2.2 (diameter) mm1mm
TOHO Aiko Beads 11/01.5 (long ) *1.8 (diameter) mm0.8mm

How about the using feelings of MIYUKI Delica Beads & TOHO Aiko Beads?

People who have had the opportunity to feel woven examples of Aiko beads have compared them to soft, silky fabric that’s supple and malleable to the touch.

Delicas are the most widely available of the cylinder brands and can be used in a multiplicity of ways to create works satisfactorily.

How about the sales of MIYUKI Delica Beads & TOHO Aiko Beads?

Delicas are the most widely available of the cylinder brands. So, most bead shops stock them. They were developed in the 1980s. Perhaps the Delicas were first to market. Also, there are many more Delica colors available than Aiko colors. Toho is working its way up to produce more colors but Miyuki is far ahead. Delica size 11/0 is the most popular. But there is a growth in demand for sizes 15/0 and 8/0.

Well, it seems harder to find Aikos at retail stores. And Aiko’s price seems to a little expensive than Delicas, as it is nicknamed “The Perfect Cylinder Bead”.

How to choose MIYUKI Delica Beads or TOHO Aiko Beads?

Delicas tend to be smaller than other seed beads of the same size so you should keep this in mind when completing patterns. If you substitute Delicas in a pattern designed for seed beads, the look of the finished project can be very different. If you are a brand new one, I suggest you purchase MIYUKI Delica Beads for a less expensive option. As for artists and designers, it depends on your own needs and beading projects.

1 thought on “Difference between MIYUKI Delica Beads and TOHO Aiko Beads”

  1. Rose Mary Abbott

    I really love the smaller size 15 because it is more graceful in my opinion. I am more drawn to the rocaille beads because they have a softer look to them. The cylinder beads look more like bricks.
    If there were any beads being created in the smaller size 20s I would probably be trying to buy them. I wish they could still make the smaller sizes that they used to make by hand. Handmade beads would be too expensive to afford though.

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