Miyuki Beading Nylon Thread B Mixed Colour Set of 24 Rolls

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Mixed Color Miyuki Beading Nylon Thread B, 100% Nylon String, Fine & Strong Japanese Beading Thread for Seed Beads, Appox. 330 DTEX/ 0.203mm/ 0.008″ Diameter, 24pcs/bag, 24 colors/bag

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Miyuki Beading Nylon Thread B, Miyuki hand-woven line for DIY jewelry making, mixed color

Line Thickness: 330 dtex/ 0.203mm/ 0.008″ diameter;
Length: 50m per spool.

Package includes ( 24 spools, 24 colors):

No.1 – Ghost White
No.2 – Beige
No.3 – Aqua
N0.4 – Dark Salmon
N0.5 – Gainsboro
N0.6 – Coffee
N0.7 – Pale Violet Red
N0.8 – Indian Red
N0.9 – Dark Orchid
N0.10 – Light Sky Blue
N0.11 – Medium Sea Green
N0.12 – Black
N0.13 – Light Khaki
N0.14 – Pink
No.15 – Light Coral
No.16 – Yellow Green
No.17 – Steel Blue
No.18 – Old Rose
No.19 – Bisque
No.20 – Pale Goldenrod
No.21 – Slate Gray
No.22 – Dark Slate Blue
No.23 – Light Sea Green
No.24 – Dark Turquoise

These twisted beading threads feature come pre-waxed are 100% nylon thread manufactured in Japan. They are fine yet strong beading threads that are perfect for techniques that require multiple passes through beads, like a brick stitch, peyote, loom work, and more. Ideal for delicate projects and small-hole beads like seed beads.

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