Japanese FGB Cords Nylon String, Miyuki Elastic Beading Thread, 0.1mm Diameter, Purple, Sold per 50-yard Spool

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FGB 0.1mm purple thread for Miyuki bead weaving, strong and not easy to break, not easy to fuzz. This elastic beading cord is ideal for weaving with Miyuki 11/0 Delicas or size 8/0 seed beads.

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FGB Cords Miyuki String, Japan Nylon Beading Thread, Purple

Size: about 0.1mm thick; about 50 yards (45 meters)/ roll.

FGB beading thread (made in Japan) is a high-quality polyester thread with special coating designed specifically for bead crocheting. This popular jewelry-making thread specially designed for beaded design, the product is strong and not easy to break, not easy to fuzz, in addition, the outer layer of the wire wax, reduce friction, great for use with seed beads.

This small 0.1mm diameter thread will pass easily through a beading needle, making it ideal for projects requiring extra strength or multiple passes through beads with narrow stringing holes.

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