Minebeads Mixed Color Iron Corrugated 0.32in Round Spacer Beads, 200g/bag

US $4.54

200g Corrugated Round Spacer Beads for DIY Jewelry Making, 8mm, Hole: 3mm, about 354pcs/200g

Tips: We accept custom package weights, please contact us / RFQ now.

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Iron Corrugated Beads, Round Spacer Beads, Mixed Color

Size: about 8mm in diameter, hole: 3mm, about 354pcs/200g.

These corrugated beads can be used to cover and hide stringing knots for a professional look, and is a great way to secure your beaded jewelry designs. They can add texture and intricacy to your beaded creations, great for jewelry-making crafting projects, such as handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, keychains, etc.

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