MIYUKI & TOHO Light Blue Flower Pendants Christmas Ornaments for DIY Jewelry Making, 6 pcs/bag


6 pcs MIYUKI & TOHO Flower Charms for Necklace/ Bracelet Making, 100% Handmade Pendants, 30x17x2mm, Hole: 1~2mm

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MIYUKI & TOHO Handmade Japanese Seed Beads Links, Flower Pendants, Loom Pattern, Light Blue

Size: about 19~19.2mm wide, 24~25.6mm long, 3.2~3.6mm thick, hole: 1.5~1.6mm.

These pendants are made with MIYUKI & TOHO seed beads, both considered a “world standard” for their high quality, brilliance, and uniform shape. They are perfect for jewelry making, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Combine your creativity with quality pendants to create a variety of gorgeous jewelry accessories!


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