MIYUKI Sample Cards | #1005-11/0 Delica “Silk & Misc. Duracoat” Beads, Limited Free Download

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Miyuki Delica beads are known for their perfect tube shape and extreme uniformity. Their perfect tubular shape and large hole size to bead size ratio makes them ideal for consistent bead weaving like Peyote weaving. The 11/0 size is the most popular bead size, recommended in bead magazines and beading books everywhere.

Free Download: MIYUKI Sample Cards | #1005-11/0 Delica "Silk & Misc. Duracoat" Beads
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Card No.: 1005
-Authentic Miyuki beads sample card
-Features 11/0 delica beads (DB)
-Contains silk insied dyed (DB1855-DB1882), duracoat navy blue (DB2191-DB2192), opaque dyed (DB2143-DB2144), silk inside dyed rainbow (DB1861-DB1897), transparent luster (DB1886-DB1897), and others (DB1112, DB1212, DB1252, DB1272, DB1287, DB1900, DB1906, DB1907, DB1910, DB1991)
-Sample cards can be a little bit confusing, as they are updated from year to year to include more colors.

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