Minebeads 6mm Bugle Beads – Baking Paint Pink, 30000pcs/450g/ lbs/ bag


6mm Baking Paint Pink Bugle Beads, 6~6.5x2mm, Hole: 0.8mm, about 30000pcs/bag

Tips: We accept custom package weights, please contact us / RFQ now.

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6mm Bugle Beads Baking Paint Pink

Size: about 6~6.5mm long, 2mm in diameter, hole: 0.8mm; about 30000pcs/bag.

These bugle beads are thin, smooth cylindrical tube glass beads. They can add unique dimension and texture to your beadwork, stringing projects, bead embroidery and more. You can use them with seed beads or string several together for a fun style choice!




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