4.5 in. High Carbon Steel Side Cutting Pliers Diagonal Wire Cutting Pliers with Anti-slip Rubber Handle, Midnight Blue, 1 pc/ Bag


110x53m Midnight Blue Jewelry Pliers for Cutting Soft Wire, Copper, Aluminum, Soft-alloy Wires, Cable Ties, and Plastic Parts

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#50 Steel (High Carbon Steel) Side Cutting Pliers, Precision Side Cutter, Jewelry Pliers for Jewelry Making, Midnight Blue

Size: about 53mm wide, 110mm long.

This side cutting plier is made of high-quality steel, durable, with excellent cutting performance. It has a rubber-coated handle, which is non-slip and ensures stable use and is comfortable to hold. It’s suitable for cutting soft wire, copper, aluminum, soft-alloy wires, cable ties, plastic parts, etc.

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