Minebeads Clear Reclosable Zip Plastic Poly Bags with Red Line Resealable Lock Seal Zipper, 2.75in×1.97in, 4000pcs/bag

US $5.77

4000pcs 2.75in×1.97in (7×5cm) Clear Ziplock Bags with Single Track Zippers, Zipper Bags for Packaging DIY Jewelry Making, Supplies, Charms, Pendants

Tips: We accept custom package weights, please contact us / RFQ now.

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Material: Polyethylene, Non-toxic, Odorless, Food Grade Safe

Size: about 5cm wide, 7cm long, Unilateral thickness: 0.023mm

Clear Reclosable Zip Plastic Poly Bags, ZipSeal Bags, Clear Single-Track Zippers for Packaging & Display

Their totally transparent material and single-track zipper closure provide a professional and attractive look while keeping out moisture, dust and mildew. With the press-to-close zipper style, they can be opened and closed easily. It is easy to organize and store your crafts, sewing supplies & other small parts. It is perfect for companies and sellers who are selling merchandise like handmade goods, jewelry, artworks, etc.

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