Minebeads 0.24in Twist Bugle Beads – Metallic White, about 10000pcs/450g/ lbs/ bag

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0.24in(6mm) Metallic White Twist Bugle Beads, 6x2mm, Hole: 0.5mm, about 10000pcs/bag

Tips: We accept custom package weights, please contact us / RFQ now.

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0.24in(6mm) Twist Bugle Beads – Metallic White Color

Size: about 2mm wide, 6mm long, hole: 0.5mm; about 10000pcs/bag.

These twist bugle beads are shaped like a long hex or cut bead instead of being smooth cylinders. When looking directly at the hole of the bead you’ll notice the edges around it form a 6 sided hexagon. They can add unique dimension and texture to your beadwork, stringing projects, bead embroidery and more. You can use them with seed beads or string several together for a fun style choice!





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