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Lots of us are already avoiding cheap fragile plastic beads, sorting our recycling, and having the odd vegan meal, but how can we make a real meaningful difference in the fight against climate change? From this question, Miyuki beads were born.

Each year, millions of sea mammals are killed by pollution. Industrial waste and garbage are dumped into the ocean, causing irreversible damage to all the livings and our planet. We are all responsible for this battle. Join us to live sustainably.

Miyuki & Toho Japanese seed beads are made from natural raw materials and recycled glass, high quality, color brilliance, and uniform shape, especially the one saving grace for the sustainability of these Japanese glass beads are reusable and durable, more eco-friendly. Click & learn more about how Japanese seed beads are made.

Just as MineBeads strives to provide the best customer service possible to our customers, we also strive to provide that same level of service to our community. Minebeads Brands is grateful for all of our customers and is proud to have the opportunity to give back to the community by sponsoring various organizations that help you and our world.

An important part of our company culture is “giving back”. We have chosen several programs to help keep us moving forward with our commitment to charitable giving and helping to preserve the environment.

MineBeads Brands is committed to doing our part to nurture and preserve the planet and the environment for generations to come. We have several programs in place as part of our “Go Green” initiative.

Recycle Please
The Direct Marketing Association’s “Recycle Please” campaign is an industry-wide public education campaign that encourages you to recycle packages and direct mail pieces.

As a general rule of thumb, the following is a list of paper products that are recyclable in most communities:

Catalogs and magazines
Mixed papers (direct mail, envelopes, unsorted household, and office mail)
Computer paper and higher grade (office) paper
Corrugated paper (boxes)
For more information please visit:

Matching Program recognizes the importance that charitable nonprofit organizations have on our society, and as such, is committed to supporting and encouraging associate contributions to charitable organizations. encourages associates to support or volunteer for causes in their own philanthropic interest areas.

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