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Miyuki seed beads are tiny shape seed beads created by Miyuki of Japan. They are extremely
uniform in shape and size. They are a must-have for every beader looking for an even and
precise look at their work. The idea for precious bracelets, peyote stitch, brick stitch, square
stitch, and herringbone stitch or strung as-is for a more delicate look.

Do you like to make handmade cosmetics? Would you like to use MIYUKI Beads to create
great cosmetics? If you are in the right place, here you can buy high-quality Miyuki beads. The
role of this material in making any type of jewelry is much greater. You can make different types
of jewelry with your own hands using Miyuki beads. If you decide to make handmade jewelry
for fashion purposes you can buy high-quality glow Miyuki BEADS from minebeads.com. You
may know that the demand for handmade jewelry is much higher than ordinary jewelry. They
are also much more interesting to look at, you will find original and best Miyuki beads.

Different types of jewelry can be made with beads they are very attractive to look at and fancy.
You can use this bead to make all kinds of jewelry. However, affordable original beads are very
difficult to find. If you want to buy the best quality original Minebeads SEED BEADS, then the
website is a suitable place for you. They have been selling Miyuki beads of different colors for
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Every day a large number of customers visit the website to create their jewelry and enhance the
great look.

Miyuki Seed Beads COLOR 1
Miyuki Seed Beads COLOR 1

Here are some colours we recommend:

(1) DB2050 Miyuki 11/0 Luminous (Glow in the Dark) Delica Seed Beads – Jazzberry
These seed beads feature a dusky and dark pink color full of fruity berry style, which can add
accents of popping color in your embroidery and loom projects. The colors found on these seed
beads line the inside of the stringing hole, so they have a strong durability to outside friction.

(2) DB1832F Miyuki 11/0 Duracoat Galvanized Matte Gold Delica Seed Beads
These seed beads feature a deep gold color with a muted shine, which can add hints of
shimmering color to your designs. Duracoat is a clear coating that is thicker and stronger than
the traditional coating. The galvanized matte finish gives these seed beads a muted metallic
look. Ideal for peyote stitch designs, seed bead bezels, or anywhere you need a touch of color.

(3) DB0793 Miyuki 11/0 Opaque Semi-Matte Turquoise Delica Seed Beads
These seed beads feature a vibrant sky blue color, displaying bright beauty in your designs. The

opaque semi-matte finish gives these beads a gleaming shine. Perfect for bead weaving,
looming, or spacer beads, etc.

(4) DB0031 Miyuki 11/0 Gold Plated Delica Seed Beads
These brilliant beads feature stunning shine and luxurious color, making you feel like you are
dripping with wealth. Perfect for bead weaving, looming, or spacer beads, etc.

(5) DB2390 Miyuki 11/0 Fancy-Lined Eggplant Delica Beads
These seed beads feature a rich eggplant purple color. These fancy-lined Delica are for a
beautiful luster that glows through the bead, ideal for bead weaving, looming, or as spacer
beads. This also allows the colors to last longer and protect against fading.


Outside Dyed Colors

DB651 to DB663
DB771 to DB788
DB791 to DB800
DB1301 to DB1304
DB1308 to DB1319
DB1371 to DB1379

Galvanized & Galvanized Dyed Colors

DB35 (DB0035)
DB335 (DB0335)
DB410 to DB436
DB1151 to DB1159
DB1162 to DB1176
DB1181 to DB1186

Plated & Plated Dyed Color

DB21 (DB0021)
DB29 (DB0029)
DB31 to DB34
DB37 to DB40
DB181 to DB184
DB331 to DB334
DB451 to DB465
DB501 to DB502
DB505 to DB514

Inside Dyed Colors

DB52 to DB89
DB91 (DB0091)
DB232 to DB250
DB256 to DB257
DB271 to DB287
DB295 to DB297
DB901 to DB925
DB981 to DB986

Silver-lined Colors

DB41 to DB48
DB144 to DB150
DB1201 to DB1211

Silver-lined Dyed Colors

DB601 to DB613
DB621 to DBDB631
DB681 to DB697
DB1333 to DB1347

Together with a selection of sizes of Miyuki Seed Beads, You will also find Miyuki Cords to
shape the jewelry with beads, you can pick up Clear Plastic Seed Beads Storage Tubes with
Caps at low prices, you can buy all the materials you need to make handmade jewelry. To
maintain the quality of your jewelry, they have some stores and a big warehouse to sell all kinds
of best quality materials. You can use Minebeads Bead Mats to make jewelry attractive and
more attractive. You use Miyuki beads to make your handicraft great.

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