Peyote stitch

How to Do Peyote Stitch?

Peyote stitch is a perfect stitch for beginning beaders, as it is easy to learn. There are many variations of peyote stitch, among them flat even count peyote stitch and odd count peyote stitch are the most popular beadwork stitches. I recommend you learn flat peyote if you are an absolute novice, as it is more simple than odd peyote . And you can learn odd peyote after you are familiar with even peyote.

When learning flat even count peyote stitch, I highly recommend you using MIYUKI delica beads instead of regular seed beads because delicas are incredibly consistent in size and shape. These uniform size and shape of the beads allow them to snap into place between the spaces and between the beads in each row, which will fit perfectly together and make it easier to work.

Basic Flat Even Count Peyote Stitch Tutorial:

Step 1. Add a stopper bead to your thread by stringing on one bead and pass through it a second time, then leave a 10-inch tail. This will keep your beads from sliding away from you while you work. And string on several same color beads.

How to Do Peyote Stitch?

Step 2. Pick up a different color bead and pass through the next to last bead.

How to Do Peyote Stitch?

Step 3. String on a bead, skip the next bead in the previous row then pass the needle through the bead after that, and repeat until the end of the row.

How to Do Peyote Stitch?

Step 4. Pass through the last bead of row three. You may now remove the stopper bead since you no longer need it to hold your work.

peyote 0 How to Do Peyote Stitch?

Step 5. Add a bead to your thread and pass through the next bead in row three, and then repeat.

How to Do Peyote Stitch?

Step 6. Continue the row by working backwards – pick up a new bead, skip a bead and go through the next one, until your beadwork is the length that you need it to be for your jewelry project.

How to Do Peyote Stitch?

Peyote stitch can be used to create sculptural beadwork as well as beaded jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, ring, etc. If you’ve never done peyote stitch before, you can follow the tutorials of peyote stitch PDF online (some are free patterns), then you’ll find it very addictive! Try to start your own beading journey now!

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